Hello there

A little about me

I’ve been a full time, professional photographer since 2009. I actually started out as a family portrait photographer but overtime have fallen in lover with the more natural approach to weddings that the documentary style allows me to apply.

I love what I do

My natural and honest approach to all photographic commissions is simple – I ensure each shot is capable of telling it’s now little story whilst creating a consistently strong collection of images documenting the entire occasion, authentically.

Whilst documentary is my overriding approach, I always capture natural images of couples on their wedding day – I just do so in a more subtle manner than most. Rest assured, you won’t be made to awkwardly pose, jump, dance, twirl or otherwise play up to the camera. I also cover a few formal shots if needed (to keep the folks happy).

I love what I do and am proud to have photographed hundreds of weddings across the UK and Europe. 

Read more about my particular style of natural photography or get in touch.

Life is great

I live in Dorset on the coast which has been home for all my life. I can’t be apart from the sea for too long. It is a constant for me; a source of calm, inspiration, excitement, fun. Just being near the water is an easy way to hit my reset button.

Music is a massive part of my life. My tastes are wide and varied: electronic, acoustic, dark, light, hard, chilled, deep, cinematic, widescreen, old, new, digital or analogue – if it’s good, I’ll give it a go. It’s where I can unleash my full geek however I’m listening. I’ve spent far too much time on headphones, speakers, amps, DACs, vinyl. I treasure my records and the old Technics I still play them on.

I love reading and have usually got a book or kindle on me. My all time favourite books are the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, closely followed by The Dark Tower series from Stephen King. Just realised both those sets have ‘Dark’ in the title. Hmm….

I’m grateful for all these things. Life is great.

Dorset Wedding Photographer

I photograph weddings in my home county of Dorset, across the south of England, further afield in the UK and at European Destination Weddings.

Working as a destination wedding photographer is an exciting thing yet brings a whole host of other challenges for a professional, and you can be confident in my experience and ability to work internationally.

If my style and approach appeals to you, wherever in the world your wedding might be, let’s talk and see where the adventure goes.