USB Flash Drives

Photography is widely accepted as a digital format, and whilst there are many photographers – professional and enthusiasts – who still talk of the virtues of film (I’m one of them) rooted in the digital, the expectation from clients is universally for digital formats.

Digital photography presentation

I hold the same consideration for quality on digital products as I do with traditional printed products, wedding albums, and framed prints.

Our custom designed USB sticks provide a smart, practical way to deliver your digital photography files. They operate on a wide range of modern devices and have replaced disc media as the preferred method of accessing images. DVD and Bluray players are often unavailable on many laptops and tablets from the last few years, and with flash or silicon storage capabilities now, there is no need to use the old, volatile formats.

Speed & compatibility

The first letter in USB stands for ‘Universal’ and that’s just what this format has become. On almost every computing device available from the last 10 years you’ll find a USB port. Indeed, most new televisions and media players from the last 3 years come with the ability to plug in a USB drive/

For the ultimate ease of use for our customers, we decided that a format as widely available as USB was essential. If you want to show you photography to friends and family, simply plug the USB stick into your Smart TV and view the images full screen in HD quality.

If you need to send a file to a family member, connect the USB to your computer, copy the file over or email it to their email address. That’s it – no hassle, no fuss, no compatibility problems. Every device with a USB port should be compatible.

No messing with DVD players or formats, just plug and play

Optimised Formats

In order to maximise compatability with the various platforms on which images may be accessed, our universal flash drives contain two copies of each image file. One is formatted and optimised for the current generation of mobile devices and tablets, enabling fast access to images which look stunning on compact and high-definition screens.

If your package includes a video slideshow, this is formatted and presented in full 1080P high-definition, high-bitrate, with beautifully rendered 2 channel digital audio. With 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) television sets now becoming more popular, I also include copies formatted and future-proofed for this incredible technology upon which your images will look breathtaking.

Finally, there is a copy of the image file which is formatted and optimised for high quality printing at large sizes. We recommend avoiding the use of supermarket or chain retail print services, and instead opt for a quality local service or online from Photo Hippo.

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Working as a destination wedding photographer is an exciting thing yet brings a whole host of other challenges for a professional, and you can be confident in my experience and ability to work internationally.

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