Style & Approach

I apply a documentary approach to wedding photography which captures and presents a story as it unfolds, naturally. Whether it’s a wedding or other special occasion, the time and the moments are yours to be enjoyed, without interference or disruption from me. Simple.

Documentary photography

The absolute best results I produce are when you forget I’m there!

The majority of my work is down to a combination of observation and timing. Now I do also create portraits of brides and grooms – the wow shots in an album – and a few more formal group photos, whilst keeping this natural, flowing, comfortable style to everything.

My commitment is to deliver the best products and service to my clients.

Fine Art. Documentary. Photojournalism. Reportage. A few words you may see used to describe different styles of wedding photography, but what do they mean and are they important?

Whilst documentary, photojournalism and reportage are broadly interchangeable terms, I usually describe my work specifically as documentary. Documentary photography is the capture of images that when viewed as a whole, portray the events of the day; the intertwining of relationships, family, emotions, and laughter.


Pure photojournalism is about telling a story with a single image. That is the goal for all photojournalists: to convey a place, event, situation within one single frame. Some of the most powerful, memorable and affecting photographs ever made are from the field of photojournalism.

It is a raw representation of events how they occur with no interaction from the photographer. A difficult thing to achieve and a very true representation of a wedding. Some people might consider photojournalism to be described as gritty, which in many ways it is as an authentic, untouched vision. There’s definitely some of this in my work too.

Fine art photography

Fine Art refers to an approach where the final image has some creative influence from the photographer. That may not immediately link with the photojournalistic approach but is achievable when we consider the overall presentation of the work.

My interpretation of fine art relates to creating the space or opportunity for a beautiful image, without having to pose or influence it. How that image is then processed and presented, is what gives it the final aesthetic.

Style, quality and appeal are attributes that I strive to achieve in my final presentation, whether that is in an album, framed print or in a digital format viewed on screen.

Visual style

I love the look and feel of analogue film and try to recreate that within my images. Warm and subtle colours alongside dynamic, striking black and whites. It is timeless without attempting to look hip or alternative. There is no wacky processing, selective colour or any other fads in my images. It is important to me that my photographs look as good in future years as they do now.

In addition to the love, emotions and relationship connections at weddings, I look for the humour as well. I want to convey laughter and fun as much as anything else and that is a rich thread that runs through my images.

Dorset Wedding Photographer

I photograph weddings in my home county of Dorset, across the south of England, further afield in the UK and at European Destination Weddings.

Working as a destination wedding photographer is an exciting thing yet brings a whole host of other challenges for a professional, and you can be confident in my experience and ability to work internationally.

If my style and approach appeals to you, wherever in the world your wedding might be, let’s talk and see where the adventure goes.