All of my professional wedding albums are handmade using only the very best leathers, papers and materials available, this ensures photography and wedding story is presented to full potential across my photo album range.

Wedding photography Albums

I just love seeing images printed. I spent several years producing ‘wet’ prints in a lab, and hold a deep satisfaction from producing and presenting my work in way that can be held and appreciated. Happy to admit there’s a lot of pride in that for me!

With two awesome suppliers to chose from who both produce smashing albums, this is a way your images can be enjoyed for generations.

Eco-friendly folio albums & traditional matted jorgensen albums. Classy.


Looking after our environment is an essential consideration of modern life and I strive to incorporate this ethic within my business. Folio Albums are a trusted supplier, and just one example of how I carefully ensure that our environmental impact is managed whilst maintaining a high quality of finished products.


Jørgensen Albums are the top of the tree when it comes to wedding photography albums. They are exceptionally well made. I individually design every album to show your photography at its best.

Jørgensen wedding photography albums feature traditional book binding techniques with high tech and innovative album page designs. They can hold a large number of pages with a generous choice of cover materials and deserve to be considered heirloom quality.

Jørgensen studio collection

Another high quality product from the Jorgensen catalogue which is ideal for parent albums and portrait shoots.

Made to the same high standards as the main albums and delivered in a presentation box, these matted albums are covered with a tactile vinyl cover. At 9×9″, they are at their best with a one-image-per-page design layout, yet still can be custom designed to have multiple images. A fine option.

Digital presentation

The digital side of things is important too. It offers huge convenience and the ability to access images anywhere, at any time. So we need to do it right.

I supply all images as digital files in yummy high-resolution for print, and tweaked for different formats whether on laptop, desktop computer, television, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

USB flash drives

Photography is widely accepted as a digital format, and whilst there are many photographers – professional and enthusiasts – who still talk of the virtues of film (I’m one of them) rooted in the digital, the expectation from clients is universally for digital formats. I hold the same consideration for quality on digital products as I do with traditional printed products, wedding albums, and framed prints.

Our custom designed USB sticks provide a smart, practical way to deliver your digital photography files. They operate on a wide range of modern devices and have replaced disc media as the preferred method of accessing images. DVD and Bluray players are often unavailable on many laptops and tablets from the last few years, and with flash or silicon storage capabilities now, there is no need to use the old, volatile formats.


A PhotoFilm presents the timeless medium of photography with a distinctly modern edge. By editing the still images into a movie format including audio clips and even sometimes video footage, the photography takes on a new dimension with added realism and stimulation of other senses and memories.

Producing a PhotoFilm as an add-on to wedding photography is possible with little of the additional disruption that can sometimes come with a full video production. The only extra equipment used is for the audio recording and this is accomplished with small, discreet microphones.

Mobile apps

We all know how widespread mobile devices are now, and absolutely these have become one of the most convenient and well loved methods of accessing digital images. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or other tablets, these are now the standard way most people view images.

Whilst I can (and do) still talk about the benefits and magic of viewing images as prints or in albums, I appreciate the need to access photography in different ways, and enjoyed in the best and most convenient methods available.

Dorset Wedding Photographer

I photograph weddings in my home county of Dorset, across the south of England, further afield in the UK and at European Destination Weddings.

Working as a destination wedding photographer is an exciting thing yet brings a whole host of other challenges for a professional, and you can be confident in my experience and ability to work internationally.

If my style and approach appeals to you, wherever in the world your wedding might be, let’s talk and see where the adventure goes.