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The Roman Baths
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Nothing could be more iconic for the city of Bath, than the ancient spa from which it takes it’s name. Famed across the world and regarded as the “best preserved ancient baths and temple in Northern Europe”, the Roman Baths are a breathtaking location with staggering history.

It is utterly unique.

Few places have the accolade of being standing for millennia, but this healing sanctuary has been doing exactly that. The Celts, Romans, numerous Kings and Queens have visited the Baths over the centuries and helped to make it the landmark it is known to be.

As a wedding location, it is utterly unique. I remember how I felt when I first saw the Roman Baths illuminated on a chillly Autumn evening, under the falling dusk and stars – a feeling of awe and wonder at the location and spectacle. I can only begin to imagine how Andrew felt waiting for his bride, and how Marianne felt walking along the well worn, smooth stone walkway to marry him. It is a truly incredible place.

Having exclusive access to the Baths in the evening, meant we had the exceptional opportunity of creating some bridal portraits around the ancient waters. To be in this location, away from all guests and just enjoying some quite moments was extremely special. It must have been amazing for the bride and groom, and I must admit as a photographer, I felt extremely privileged to be part of such a special event.