Mobile Apps and Image Access

We all know how widespread mobile devices are now, and absolutely these have become one of the most convenient and well loved methods of accessing digital images. Whether it is iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or other tablets, these are now the standard way most people view images.

Whilst I can (and do) still talk about the benefits and magic of viewing images as prints or in albums, I appreciate the need to access photography in different ways, and enjoyed in the best and most convenient methods available.

Whilst my photography has been delivered for years in digital formats - whether website gallery download, DVD or now as USB drives - there has always been some additional steps in the process for you as a client to then get the images on to your devices. That's where the new mobile app comes into play.

When your images are ready, you will receive a link that will automatically prompt you to install the Photo Moments app that then instantly gives you full screen, high definition access to your image files on your device. From there you can view, download, share and enjoy your images wherever you go.