Simon & Lisa's wedding in Hamble, Hampshire

Before I became a documentary wedding photographer - a long way before actually - I knew Simon and Lisa from where we all worked for the same company. At some point after I had left, Simon and Lisa found each other, fell in love and started their lives together. Through the social media joys of Facebook, Simon and I had stayed in touch and so it was when he contacted me to let me know of their engagement and to discuss the possibility of me producing their wedding photography. It was a great honour to be asked and I was delighted when they made the decision to book me for their wonderfully family filled wedding in Hamble.

Before we get to the wedding, we'll start with some photographs from their engagement shoot. Not just Lisa & Simon in this one but their super-cute puppy - Alfie.

To say Simon and Lisa enjoy life in Hamble is an understatement. They are Hamble. Our walk around the village resulted in more waves, greetings and chats than I could keep track of. It was obvious that when it comes to the wedding, this really would be a village wide event.

On to October and the wedding. Simon and Lisa were keen to have a second shooter to cover both of them getting ready. So whilst Lisa got ready at her Mum and Dad's house in Southampton, Simon and his groomsmen made their way to their local pub accompanied by Howard Lucas. Howard and I have worked together on many occasions, and I can always trust him to record some great moments.

Family and friends are incredibly important to Simon and Lisa and their day was all about sharing with those special people. Many faces and guests were familiar to me - old friends and colleagues - but even without knowing them, I would have felt welcome as I know Howard did. We even got to sit with guests for dinner which was a nice, unexpected treat.

A very special day to be involved in and I'm proud to have been there to record it for Simon and Lisa. Once again, I wish them a huge congratulations and very happy future ahead.