Sarah & Neil's wedding at The Manor House Hotel, Castle Combe

So my planned winter blogathon to catch up on posting more of last years weddings didn't quite go to plan. Some last minute bookings and exceptionally high levels of enquiries in January and February took priority and the website didn't get quite the attention I had planned. Still, I'm ahead on all processing schedules at the moment so thought I'd have one (or two) last attempts to feature some weddings from last year. I'll keep the chat to a minimum and probably include a few less images to facilitate time for getting more on!

First up is from way back in August where I was second shooting with Allister at Sarah and Neil's wedding. Sarah was getting ready at their lovely Victorian home in Bristol. The 'getting ready' stage is significant as a transitional time for a bride, and choosing to do so in your own home environment adds an extra level of personal relevance.

Leaving Sarah to finish getting ready, Allister and I jumped in the car to head to Castle Combe in Wiltshire. If you haven't been to Castle Combe before, there's a strong chance you've seen it. Regarded as one of the prettiest villages in England, it has featured in many television and film productions including most recently WarHorse and some small franchise you may have heard of - Harry Potter?

The Manor House Hotel is a stunning venue set in beautiful grounds. Having been awarded a Michelin Star and winning Wiltshire Restaurant of the Year, it makes a pretty amazing place for a wedding. Neil was on hand to meet guests arriving ahead of the ceremony.

When second shooting as a documentary wedding photographer, it is important to cover angles or opportunities that the primary photographer might not capture whilst focussing on the same high quality product that the main photographer is delivering. Our unobtrusive, completely non-directing approach means that we were both able to record the day as it unfolded withouth getting in the way of each other, the couple or guests.

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