Samantha & Neil's wedding in Cornwall - Part 1

I try to avoid staying away when travelling to commissions (I miss my family) but sometimes when bookings are a bit further afield it's unavoidable. Most of my adult life I've managed to get down to Cornwall at least once a year - it's one of my favourite places - so I didn't mind being away too much for this one and was hugely looking forward to Samantha & Neil's wedding in Rock. I met with Samantha and her bridesmaids in a cottage where they (and I) were staying the night before the wedding. Situated on a golf course overlooking the beautiful Camel Estuary, it is a fairly secluded location and completely picturesque. It was great to meet all the girls that night and see even more of the excitement building. Plus it was great to enjoy a cold beer after my long drive from Dorset.

I've been hugely looking forward to sharing this one. Maybe it's because Cornwall is such a special place for me, or maybe it's because it was one of the first (and only so far) sunny weddings of the year. Maybe it's because Samantha, Neil, their family and friends were so welcoming, or maybe it's because everything about it was just plain beautiful. There were plenty of emotional moments - two of them particularly memorable from Samantha's sister during firstly her reading, and secondly her speech (both brought great smiles as well). There is incredible scenery, the prettiest church imaginable, stunning light and - most importantly of all - a couple completely besotted with each other, surrounded by the people they love.

I struggled choosing images for this one and there's a lot, so I've split the post into two. Check out the second part here.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit their gallery.

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Continued in Part 2...

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