Ruth & Simon's wedding at Islington Town Hall, London

A boutique hotel, a London Town Hall (Islington), a superb pub, oodles of winter charm, and two people at the centre of it getting married surrounded by their family and friends. I say this often but I love winter weddings! Their character, style and look is so drastically different to most other times of the year, lending them a unique feeling for the couple and guests. It's not just down to the obvious factors such as weather and light (not much of the latter), but a certain extra cosiness that is difficult to describe but is something you just feel. The dutch have a word for this kind of feeling: gezellig. The nearest equivalent word we have is cosy, but dutch friends have always told me that's never quite close enough. It's the feeling you get with friends or family, when you're happy, when you feel at home - those kind of things. I like the word, and the feeling.

It's something I often feel at winter weddings and was abundant at Ruth & Simon's wedding. Starting at The Rookery in Farringdon which is a gem of a hotel in central London, I met with Ruth and family whilst there was still a little light around, before the taxi ride to Islington Town Hall. At this point: it's dark! There's no avoiding it with late afternoon weddings in winter; daylight just isn't going to be there. It's this switch to other light sources for so much of the day that gives such a distinct look. As many will no, I rarely use flash so all of the images are a result of whatever light is around: streetlights, interior lights, candles - whatever. The Canon 5DMk3 with prime lenses absolutely relishes this challenge.

Following the ceremony at the Town Hall, we managed a confetti shot on the steps outside before a short walk to the Albion pub in Islington. Here Ruth & Simon were to have their reception, meal and speeches delivered from the centre piece of any pub - the bar! The food was fantastic, the surroundings, smiles and 'cosiness' absolutely in sync to provide a memorable and very special London wedding.