Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer - Tipi wedding with Sarah & Adam in Shrivenham


"I'm obsessed with these photos! I can't stop looking at them, they're simply amazing. And I never say that about photos with me in them. Thank you so, so much for capturing exactly what we were after. They are perfect." ~ Sarah

Oxfordshire Wedding Photographer

To say this season is off to a flying start would be both a pun and understatement (see my last blog post to get the pun). These first few weddings have been mindblowingly good and some of my most memorable for many reasons. Great times. I'm not going to go into much detail about equipment in this post other than to say the new system is working fantastically for me, making a huge a difference as I'm not in pain afterwards!

So, to Sarah & Adam's wedding in the gorgeous countryside. We have: camper vans, a tipi (DON'T call it a marquee - Sarah will hunt you down and correct you), a beautiful farm location, some sheep, gorgeous people, dramatic skies, stunning light, a sunset, a maypole, and the most laugh out loud wedding image I've ever made. That's an early contender for a portfolio review, and possible all-time favourite.

Have I missed anything? Yes loads. Both Sarah's brothers were on Best Man duties and shared responsibilities. Tom giving her away was special, as was Mike's speech. His beard was pretty awesome too. Adam's speech was witty and enjoyable - which is understandable given both his and Sarah's great humour. His face was a picture when Sarah walked down the aisle.

Jack the dog was everywhere, managing to get in a lot of photos. The Easter Egg hunt was fun for all the kids, and in the evening the first dance was like nothing I've ever seen before (everyone was involved). Adam had another great face on when the first dance was about to start. Look through the full gallery at the higher resolution to get the full impact (click the arrows in the top-right of the gallery).


Having been married 'officially' a couple of days before, Sarah & Adam were free to say and do whatever they wished for their ceremony on the day. It's something I'm seeing much more of (I did the same myself 5 years ago) and a nice trend. It's great to be able to have such a personal and enjoyable event. A happy celebration without being too solemn. Weddings should be fun.

I wouldn't normally make too much reference to the portrait session but this one was really something. Viewed from the farm, the surrounding rapeseed / canola fields looked beautiful and we made the decision to head out for a few shots. On previous occasions when I've had the opportunity to sneak into a field, it's been under fear of being chased off by the farmer. Fortunately in this case the farm owner Robert is Sarah's mum's partner, so it was a bit safer.

Robert told us the best field to head to, so together with their videographer (the awesome Tom Dawson) we jumped in my car and headed down the road.

Oh. Wow. It could not have been any better. Not only was the field in full, vibrant bloom, but the sky was nothing short of epic. It had been threatening rain all day, but that never arrived. Instead we had sunshine with the backdrop of a moody, dramatic sky. Perfect. It's rare to get the opportunity to shoot in those conditions and I think the results are pretty special. My cameras, hands, shirt and trousers were covered in bright yellow pollen by the time we'd finished. All in the name of getting the shot...