Nicky & Trevor's wedding at Kingston Bagpuize

Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire is a beautiful venue that my words will not do justice to. The photographs from Nicky and Trevor's wedding day should go much further to illustrate just how gorgeous this family home is. Yes that's right - it's lived in as a family home. Documentary_Wedding_Photographer_061


As with most documentary wedding photography commissions, the day starts with bridal preparations. It is an important and significant part of the wedding story. It marks the transitional stage before marriage where a bride has closely loved friends and family around her, preparing for the most important event of her life.

For a wedding photographer, it is a very intimate space to be part of. As a wedding photojournalist I am given access to this personal time and have the responsibility to document it with sensitivity and discretion. It is not the place to be dictating events or poses. It is an opportunity for beautiful images.

The grounds of the house offer a rich choice of locations to take a walk and create some beautiful bridal portraits. These were approached with a non-directing, documentary approach so as not to interrupt the flow of the day or create uncomfortable poses. It allows natural, authentic and very beautiful photographs to form themselves.

It was a wonderful, intimate occasion and a pleasure to be able to document Nicky & Trevor's wedding.

Kingston Bagpuize House is a beautiful venue and lends itself well to both photojournalism and fine-art wedding photography. With tall windows on every aspect, there is natural light in abundance which enables the photographer to create wonderful images. Adrian and his team are wonderful hosts who ensure a smooth and luxurious service to wedding couples and guests.