Lucie and Neil's wedding at Hellen's Manor

Lucie & Neil were the very first couple to book me after I started as an associate with Allister. I very clearly remember our first meeting at the studio showing them my fledgling portfolio as we spoke about their wedding the following year. Lucie & Neil were planning their ceremony at the library of Malvern College. Lucie works at the college, and the venue is usually the teaching staffroom. The marriage license was applied for specifically for their wedding and it was amazing to know that I would be photographing the first wedding in this beautiful room. As you'll see, it's not what you might expect a staffroom to be!

When I met with them, the reception venue was not 100% confirmed as Lucie & Neil were still viewing locations. After visiting Hellens Manor in Herefordshire, they absolutely fell for it and moved dates in order to secure the venue. Going for a mid-week date meant that my availability was good also. I can completely understand why they went for this venue. It is absolutely gorgeous and quite unique in it's layout. It's somewhere I hope to get back to again sometime.

My time was organised to photograph both of them as they got ready in the morning. Lucie at their home and Neil just up the road at the home of imminent sister-in-law Melissa. Everything was very relaxed and smooth during the morning with groomsmen looking after Neil with drinks, and bridemaids Melissa and Victoria keeping Lucie serene.

The library made for a entirely unique venue. I don't know if more weddings are planned there, or if this is still the only one. Either way, it was perfect. The high windows flooded the room with diffuse light on this overcast day, and the wood panelling and features looked fantastic. Malvern College has wonderful architecture and the library / staffroom stands out as an interesting building.

Making their way to Hellens in an immaculate Morris Minor, I followed and made good time to explore where the rest of the day would take place. Hellen's combines country house elegance, beautiful gardens and views, and the rustic appeal of a barn for the dinner and evening party. On summer days there's even an outside bar to make the most of (which everyone most certainly did).

Lucie and Neil had worked hard to put their own personal touches throughout the wedding with many creative details, fantastic food and music throughout the day. This is one of my very favourite venues I have ever photographed at. I really loved it there, and the fact that it was for such a significant wedding for me made if all the more memorable.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit the gallery or take a look on facebook. Comments are welcomed at the bottom of this post and always appreciated by the bride, groom and future couples.