London Wedding Photographer - Anna & Alex


"The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is truly fitting for these amazing images. I couldn’t imagine that photos would be able to paint a true picture of the atmosphere our wonderful friends and family created, but looking at the photos really is like reliving the day. The magic captured throughout and the story told from start to finish through the images is astounding." ~ Anna

London Wedding Photographer

I've started adding weddings to the blog as part of my new revised workflow, but I'm still planning on sharing a few more from last year that I didn't get round to at the time. Anna & Alex's wedding was one I really wanted to get on the website. I must admit I shocked myself realising that it is just over a year now! So happy anniversary for last Sunday to them both.

I was excited to be back in London as a wedding photographer anyway, but in particular because I knew Anna & Alex's day would have some distinct characteristics you could only get in this great city. After arriving at The Zetter in Clerkenwell, Anna and her bridesmaids kept me waiting ages whilst they were having most of their makeup and hair done in the room, so I spent a while chatting to Anna's lovely mum as we waited for the bridesmaids to join us.

Eventually, the message was passed down that it was OK / safe for me to go up to the room! So I finally met Anna, and spent a few minutes with then during the final stages of getting ready. The final set shows that documenting any stage of the wedding doesn't have to take hours and hours. In a few minutes, I captured enough images to be an accurate record of this part of the day, and - importantly - giving space where needed.

From The Zetter, we were travelling to the Bow Bells pub in Bromley; Anna looking the picture of class and elegance in her gorgeous Jenny Packham dress, and effortlessly cool riding in the Citroen DS. What a car! Heading further into East London now, you could not wish for a more authentic and welcoming cockney pub. Unusually (and really lovely), Anna & Alex had planned to meet each other in the pub with all their guests before  the wedding ceremony. This was casual, relaxed and fun. A nice and personal way to build the final part of excitement before the ceremony a few doors down the road at Bromley Public Hall.


Now if everyone had remained cool and collected until this point (they had), during the ceremony was when the tears started flowing freely. Registry weddings are no less meaningful than any other ceremony, yet the personal and inclusive nature of them always adds another level of intimacy. I think it's possible for everyone to feel involved when things are a little more relaxed. It was fab.

By the time the ceremony finished, the skies had opened and it was pelting it down. Whilst Anna & Alex were getting back in the DS, the rest of the guests and I were on a Routemaster bus. Some took the opportunity for a nap, and by the time we arrived back at the Zetter, it had brightened up.

Across the street from the hotel is St John's Gate which is well worth a visit at any time (and where the first aid charity of the same name was founded). Anna & Alex had exclusive access to the gardens for a couple of hours of cocktails, canapés and some photographs. Dodging a few raindrops, everyone was able to enjoy some outdoor sunshine before heading back over the road to the Zetter for dinner and speeches.

I would highly recommend any aspect of the Zetter, and the food in particular is worthy of special mention. The bistro there is fantastic and the staff did an incredible job of keeping everyone fed, watered and wined! Following dinner, we had arranged a photobooth which I know yielded some hilarious and un-shareable shots of some of the guests! For everyone else wishing to continue partying, the band absolutely rocked the bar area into the small hours.

As I mentioned at the start, I was really keen to share this wedding; not just because of the gorgeous people and distinct locations, but because I remember what a great time I had. Anna, her twin sister Kelly, younger sister Lindsey along with friends Emily, Jo, Sara and Alex's sister Hodie made me feel absolutely welcome from the start and were great fun to be around (and keep in touch with!). I had a blast with them.

I hope you enjoy looking through the images as much as I have going through them again.