Jenna & Tony's Winter Wedding

Last year I didn't too well (failed miserably) at trying to keep up with my wedding posts. It was my busiest year of weddings to date, and the first 6 months of it were also particularly challenging due to the problems the youngest member of our household was going through. Now that everything is a little more normal in the environment around me, once more I'm attempting to get some more of the stunning weddings of last year online. The only way will be through less words, and more pictures. So with that in mind, let's go. A brief introduction to Jenna & Tony's wedding. This was comparatively local compared to a lot of my commissions, and just as well as the weather could have made things very awkward. As you'll see, the start of the wedding was typically dry and winter like, but by the time we had driven a few miles up the road for the reception, there was snow everywhere. This remains my only completely snowy wedding to date which makes it especially memorable, and in a unique position on the blog!