Jade & Mike's wedding in Windsor

After a non-stop few months of shooting almost every weekend and at one point having 4 weddings in 8 days, a few weeks clear in November gives me the chance to catch up on the admin side of the business, including sharing some of the weddings I've documented throughout the year. I'll try and feature a few over the next few weeks although I know I won't have a chance to post everything. Will keep the chat to a minimum as well (I can almost hear the collective sigh of relief). Technically, this has already been blogged as it was featured on Rock My Wedding a couple of months ago which you should take a look at for the full story from Jade about the day. I thought it would be interesting to include my own selection of the images here which may include a few different choices from where it was featured before.

The wedding is fresh in my mind again this week as we have just finished putting together Jade & Mike's albums. If you think this post contains a lot of images, the albums are epic. Featuring 330 images and 68 double page layouts spread across two Jorgensen albums, they are beautiful. And huge!

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit the gallery.

Comments are welcomed at the bottom of this post and always appreciated by the bride, groom and future couples.