In This Moment 03

In this occasional series (so occasional I've only done it twice, the last time of which was nearly 2 years ago), I've taken a few images over the busy summer that stuck in my mind as suitable for resurrecting this category on the blog. Singular images that are usually relevant as part of a wider set, but also have something that makes them resonate individually. That could be an emotion, a look, a moment, or in this case something that simply looks visually appealing. So let's go again with an image taken during what could only be described as a perfect summer evening. That magical combination of time of day and compliant weather, where shadows grow longer, the light turns golden, and colours are transformed. A moment to look, watch, reflect, sit, or just chill out and enjoy whoever's company you're in.

The golden fields, distant mists and rolling fields could easily be recognised as a landscape of Tuscany with that spectacular light, but in this case the wedding in question was closer to home in Hampshire, at the lovely Cain Manor.

Choosing this is a slight departure for me as I've selected it mainly based on the visual appeal of the image rather than solely the emotion, although I still can summise a story within. Where so much of my work is inevitably client focussed, images like this feel more personal in that visual sense although it is undeniably documentary wedding photography.

Comments and discussion welcomed below as always.