In This Moment 02

I wrote this whilst selecting images for my end of year blog post. It got me thinking how hard it is to pick a few images for a portfolio, or best of post, so to try and pick a single favourite from the tens of thousands I shoot each year is almost impossible. This is the second In This Moment post. The idea was to include images which have a power in some way as they show the elusive 'moment'. Whatever that may be.

It is a personal image. Closing off 12 months of great highs and deep lows, I wanted it to be happy. With that brief in mind, it became easier to choose an image.

The photograph of my son Willoughby was taken on a family walk back in September. It has been posted before, and I see it every single day as I have a large framed print of it on my office wall. I'm posting it again now because to me it sums up 'the moment' and the power of documentary photography.

There are a couple of minor things that could be improved technically, but it is all about the moment. Technique is key to a photographer and the moment is crucial for storytelling. This is about the joy of being outdoors, running with arms stretched in a way that could never be posed or orchestrated. Yes I'm probably biased as it's of my boy, but I love it.