In This Moment 01

In addition to blog posts of full weddings I am going to occasionally share individual images which I particularly like; whether it's an event, an emotion, or just something that looks cool. I thought about calling it Image of the Week, or Image of the Day (less likely) but I don't want it to be tied to any timescale in case I don't get a chance (or forget). So in order to give it a title, In This Moment starts with a capture showing the strong emotional bond between mother and son. Our earliest relationship is an immensely powerful one but rarely seen this intensely in adults by others, let alone recorded. It often takes the catalyst of a significant event such as a wedding to provide the trigger for emotions to be shown, with our loved ones around us sharing in the significance of the moment.

What jumps out at me from this image, is the calm in the mother's face as she is embraced by her emotional son immediately after the wedding ceremony. I see pride, strength, care and love. A touching moment and ideal way to start this series.

As always, I'm interested to know your thoughts on these images in the comments below.