Hello world.

Hard to believe that we are nearly at the mid-point of 2012. This year has flown by and has been my busiest to date professionally and personally. I knew it was a while since I had posted anything on the website and seeing that it's almost 2 months was a slight shock, particularly as I have so much photography to share from weddings and events in that time. But when I think about what has happened in those two months, it is not so surprising. Let me explain. Firstly, we had a house and office move. Moving home is always an upheaval and this was no exception, made more so by the multiple boxes from our previous move, as well as having to get the office established quickly to keep on top of work. There was also the factor of having to get all of our baby items out of storage, which leads me on to the second point...

Ellis Thomas Rapkins. Now approaching 4 weeks old (where has that gone!), Ellis came into the world quickly and without fuss. My clients around his due date were incredibly understanding about the potential that I may not be available to shoot their wedding and of course I had backups in place in the situation that I couldn't. As it was, where Ellis was born on a Tuesday, I was able to fulfill the client commissions myself - albeit a little tired!

A few weeks into life with Ellis and his older brother means it is pretty chaotic in our home but we're getting into routines and trying to be organised. It is probably fitting to start my blogging again with a personal and intimate post documenting the first day of Ellis' life, followed by a couple more from when he was about 9 days old.

I said it was quick and just to give you an idea, the image of Eve in the kitchen is when she was talking to the hospital at 0330. The time on the clock in the second image is when we got to the birthing room. The next image is the minute he was born at 0451 (actually the image time is 0452 - when I stopped crying). Eve was - and still is being - a trooper. Incredible to see and I'm very proud of them both.