Gemma & James' wedding at Northcote House

Gemma & James' wedding at Northcote House sticks in mind for me for many reasons. Let's start with the obvious ones - beautiful venue, gorgeous bride and very cool groom who shared my interest in watches (and has very good taste), incredibly welcoming guests and I've got to mention the weather which was pretty nice. Bear in mind this is back in April before the British Summer kicked in and we all got drenched. Two things less obvious. Firstly, it was Grand National day and the guests made sure they got a chance to watch the race (this can be seen in a couple of images below), and then lastly the fact that I had to use one of the most important pieces of equipment in my camera bag - the sewing kit. It was the second time I've had to use the kit in as many years. The first time was to fix a bridesmaid dress and this time the emergency repair to my own trousers which split catastrophically just before the ceremony.

Awkward. Hopefully no one was any the wiser and I managed to maintain full operational capability until I had 5 minutes to make the repair. Just as important as any backup equipment on this day.

This wedding was one of the first opportunites I had to really put the Fujifilm X-Pro1 through it's paces. From the first time I used it at a commission, I have delivered client images from the camera and it has really got me out of some situations where for one reason or another, using the usual DSLR just wasn't an option. It's been great and I'm very pleased with it.

Back to the day. As mentioned above, Gemma and James and all their guests were very welcoming to me and it was a pleasure to be able to document it for them. As usual for my weddings, the images tell the story of their day with the inclusion of some really lovely portraits in the grounds of the house.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit their gallery.

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