Gary & Kelly's wedding at Devonshire Terrace

When I first met with Kelly & Gary back in July we hit it off straight away whilst chatting about their wedding, and were further united by a love of cake. At the food market near the South Bank in London, they took me to the Outsider Tart stall and introduced me to the "Whoopie". The same baker was producing their wedding cakes (of which you'll see a lot more later). If you ever get a chance, just try one. They are delicious! Back to Kelly & Gary and their story. They've been together for ages. In fact, it's easier if I hand over to Kelly to explain.

"I joined Gary's primary school in year 5, we went out a bit then and once or twice in high school, but got together properly nine years ago at Sixth Form. Then despite going to different universities we stayed together, sometimes waiting 3 weeks to see each other. We've known most of our friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen since primary school and Gary has known his best man [also Gary] since they were toddlers!"

So, a long time!

Winter weddings are often technically challenging due to the low light levels. But these difficulties once overcome yield beautiful images which I often describe as cosy. At just 10 days before Christmas, the festive spirit was around with Christmas trees and lights to add to the visual makeup of the day. After spending some time with both Kelly and Gary getting ready at 196 Bishopsgate and The Andaz, the wedding party all made their way to Devonshire Terrace where the rest of the day would take place.

It's a really interesting location which feels outdoors - and pretty chilly in December - but with a high glass roof to keep the worst of the weather off. With candles everywhere and Kelly's incredible attention to decorating the venue, both the outdoor terrace where the ceremony was to take place, and the dining area inside provided the perfect backdrop for a day of celebrating.

I mentioned already the challenges of light at this time of year. Being in a city, in December, late in the day can also produce some very rewarding backdrops. Pretty cool to have 'The Gherkin' looking like it does in these portraits at night.

I could talk for ages about this one - the cakes, the smiles, the laughter, the armpits (sorry Best Man Gary) - but think I've set the scene enough. Winter weddings have a very special look and feel. The incredible bonds between Kelly and Gary, and all of their family and friends made this one even more uniquely special. Enjoy the images.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit the gallery or take a look on facebook. Comments are welcomed at the bottom of this post and always appreciated by the bride, groom and future couples.