Fuji X-Pro1 - progress

I've been using the Fuji X-Pro1 regularly since it was released in March. It has been the camera I go to first for personal work (including the birth of my second son), and at most weddings I have shot since then as well. Today Fuji released v2 of the firmware for the camera and lenses, and in doing so they addressed the main issue that I - and users in general it seems - had with the camera: it's focussing. It had never been quick to focus, but I mainly found it to be accurate except for when the light levels really dropped. The slower speed didn't bother me greatly as I always try to slow down when working anyway. I considered the Fuji to be more related to using a manual focussing rangefinder, than a complete SLR replacement.

All change now.

The difference with the new firmware is remarkable. It's still not as quick as a top end professional SLR (and frankly anyone that thought it could be has completely unrealistic expectations of current technology) but it's not far off and actually feels like a different camera. It's how I hoped it would have been from the outset and is every bit the camera I thought (hoped) it could be. Focus is quick, accurate, and even works more effectively at close distances. It always used to be an annoyance that the crossover to 'Macro' distances needed you to manually select the option. The Fuji engineers have worked the lens / body combination so tha the crossover point is now much closer, and less likely to have to be used. It's the closer distances that it struggles with the most still, but real world use it is very good.

I've taken some test shots in my dark office and the X-Pro1 has nailed it every time. ISO6400, f/2.4 at 1/34s is pretty dark and to take a usable handheld shot on a 60mm lens in those conditions is impressive.

I cannot praise Fuji highly enough for listening to their users and addressing so well what many considered a deal-breaking issue. Not many camera manufacturers take this same approach and it is commendable. It shows their commitment to the system, and those that have invested in it.

I thought it a good time to review the images I have delivered to clients this year from the X-Pro1 and share a few now today as a benchmark for me to look back on pre and post v2 firmware. It is interesting to see how my shooting and processing style with the camera has evolved to this point from the JPEG only early days (which were mainly black and white), through to the exceptional quality, detailed RAWs that I process now. With all of these shots being with the original v1.x firmware, I am excited about using this lightweight, beautiful camera more in the future. Especially now it is also very much more fun.