Erin & Chris' Bury Court Barn Wedding


The second of my four visits to Bury Court Barn last year, on the weekend of my first double. This time I was accompanied by another trainee, the talented independent filmmaker Graham Fry who worked with us as an associate for a while as he developed his documentary photography skills.

Although I've now been to Bury Court Barn many times, Erin & Chris' wedding is the only time I've been to the neighbouring church in Bentley. I really hope to get the opportunity for more weddings in the church as the vicar - Yann - is my absolute favourite priest in the world. He is a joy to work with, completely understands the value of photography and for the couple to have a record of this incredibly important part of their day. Above all of that, he is energetic, enthusiastic, and witty. Yann's services have a real fun factor and appeal that can often be missing from religious ceremonies.

It was also the first time I have covered bridal preparations at Bury Court itself. The accommodation at the barn is lovely in the converted oast houses that are such a distinctive feature here. Erin had a full attendance of her mother, bridesmaids, and brother, to make a fun atmosphere from the start as they all got ready in the cottage. The bridesmaids looked stunning in their striking dresses, but Erin absolutely stole the show in her dress and looked simply beautiful. Chris' face as Erin walked down the aisle said it all.

Being a spring wedding in the UK, you could never account for the weather, and quite sensibly Erin & Chris had made some practical arrangements in case it was rainy. As it turned out, it was a perfect spring day with warm sunshine. During our portrait session, the wind played havoc with Erin's veil, but smiles and good times conquer all and we got through it!

Over the years I've met a fair few people at various weddings and engagements but at this wedding I got to meet something of a icon to me. Chris works in the music industry, so there were a few well known guests in attendance, including half of one of the most respected and iconic electronic music groups in history - Orbital. Legends. Just one more memorable moment from many during this fantastic day.