Emma & Tom's winter wedding at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel

I've known Emma & Tom for years; Tom especially as I think our mum's met when we were toddlers - that's quite a long time. Anyway, being asked to photograph friends weddings is particularly nice, flattering, and (to a certain extent) nerve-wracking! I never feel pressure or apprehension before commissions, carrying a healthy (but modest) confidence in my work, but with friends there is always a subtle extra level of incentive to do a great job for them. I believe one of the reasons that winter weddings always feel so relaxed is because people eliminate worrying about the weather. When you know it's going to be cold, and plan to be indoors, there's no need (or not much) to watch the weather forecasts quite so closely. So the sunshine on this day was a real bonus. I often mention the low light of winter weddings being challenging from a photographic perspective. On this day it was a different kind of challenge due to the angle and brightness of the light. The ceremony room was flooded with warm winter sun causing a lot of high contrast and bright areas. Not that I'm complaining. It was amazing!

To have this much sunshine 4 days before Christmas (December 2012) was a treat for all. Christchurch Harbour Hotel has a beautiful position on the waters edge and it was fantastic that all of the guests were able to enjoy drinks outside. All of the group photographs and couple shots of Emma & Tom were possible outside too. Don't you just love winter sunshine?