Deborah & Jimmy's Greek Orthodox Wedding in St Albans

Greek_Wedding_Hertfordshire_19 I've been photographing weddings for a while now and have covered a wide range of venues, styles, and cultures over the past 4 years. I find it endlessly refreshing that there is always something new to see and experience every single time. It is the people that make every wedding unique and even when I cover many weddings at the same venue, the characters and people are what continue to keep things different.

There are still many types of wedding and culture I have yet to work with so whenever a new one (for me) comes along, it is especially interesting. March saw my first experience of a Greek Orthodox wedding which I covered in St Alban's, Hertfordshire along with my colleague Ian Martindale. Our groom Jimmy is a photographer himself and valued our documentary style for his and Deborah's wedding. Greek weddings have quite significant traditions for the groom getting ready, so Ian spent the morning with Jimmy whilst I photographed Deborah and her bridesmaids at Sopwell House in St Albans.

The ceremony at the 12 Apostles Church in Hatfield was everything I had expected it to be and more. Quite different to what we encounter with a typical English church wedding, with lots of specific traditions and plenty of interaction from all the bridal party.

Returning to Sopwell House for the reception the wedding continued as a fusion of cultures with Deborah's Irish family contributing their own cultural print on the day. The Greek band in the evening remains one of the most entertaining I have seen providing a brilliant soundtrack for the traditional groom-led dancing, including the famous pinning of money!