Combe Manor Wedding Photography - Pip & Tim


Combe Manor Wedding

It's not always possible to meet my couples before they book me; at least not in the traditional sense. For that reason Skype has been an essential tool for me over the last few years and I use it regularly to talk with clients all over the world who book me for their wedding photography. From Australia, Singapore, Greece, Switzerland, and closer to home around the UK, it's been a great way to get to know each other.

For my more local clients (although local is a constantly moving definition nowadays), when schedules and practicalities allow it is lovely to meet face-to-face and get to know each other a bit. Turning up to a client meeting on a longboard isn't my usual method of transport, but that's how I roll and how I got to and from the train station when I met Pip & Tim in Winchester. Finding out straight away that they're both into board sports - as well as the fact they are both friendly, funny and easy-going - it was pretty obvious we were going to get on.

So it was then at the meeting, the wedding, and on the occasions since then that we met up for drinks and again at another wedding I was shooting where they were guests!

Pip's passion and enthusiastic planning for the details and style of the wedding, was equalled by Tim's assurance that it was going to be a pretty raucous party. Combined with an amazing group of friends and family who made me feel incredibly welcome, it was a day to remember and I'm so excited to share it now (it's an old one, but something I really wanted to get on the website).

A few other points about the closeness of the whole day. Firstly, Pip was getting ready at her parents house in their home village of Hurstbourne Tarrant. I think brides getting ready at the family home is always such a close and personal thing. Next up, the ceremony at St. Peter's Church in Pip's home village of was lead mainly by Tim's mum. I've covered lots of weddings where the couple have a long and close relationship with their priest, but this was a first. And last but by no means least something which demonstrates the devotion and strength of their friends to them as a couple (and in particular our groom): Tim's name tattooed on his best men's bottom cheeks. Yes really.

On to Combe Manor for the rest of the wedding photography. I've worked at this venue many times and it is always superb. The layout of the barn, grounds, and house offer plenty of places to explore and gorgeous backdrops for images. Add in an impressively (and happily) drunk best man who had to be carried at various stages during the day (not least by the other best man during the speeches), as well as too many other moments to list, and we get a brilliantly memorable, hugely fun day which I am so happy to have been part of.