Colin & Soozii: New Forest, Hampshire


New Forest Engagement Photography

Sticking with my 2015 blog-as-soon-as-processed workflow / resolution (this makes it 100% so off to a good start!), here’s a selection from Colin and Soozii’s engagement photography session in the New Forest, ahead of their London wedding in March.

I love black and white images and typically between a third and a half of my finished images are black and white, but this shoot proved to be an exception during the edit. Although a cold winter day, the colours of the forest were just so warm and appealing it just felt better as a mainly colour set. Bare trees can look a little ‘busy’ in black and white shots, and I think the colour here is just great.

Loved the time we had walking around the Ornamental Drive, and it was great getting to know them both a bit better during the shoot. This is one of the main reasons for spending time on an pre-wedding shoot along with becoming more comfo


For photographers

As always, a little technical information for those that are interested. For recent engagement shoots I have been using a single camera (Olympus E-M1 as always) with the trusty and flexible 12-40mm f/2.8 lens. One reason for this setup is simplicity and light weight, another is it is a water resistant combination – handy for a lot of winter shoots!

This session I decided to try something a little different and use my typical wedding setup of two cameras with two primes. I made it even more challenging (with the flipside benefit of better quality images) by using my manual focus Voigtlander lenses. Whilst heavy for the Olympus system, these are still lightweight compared to SLR lenses, and with a hyperfast aperture of f/0.95 have a similar look. I love these lenses and particularly the classic way they have of rendering colour, sharpness and out of focus areas. Manual focussing isn’t a big deal once you’ve practiced enough and the results are well worth it in my opinion.

rtable in front of the cameras, and of course getting a nice set of images. Engagement shoots are now being included with all bookings for 2015.