Chris & Emma's wedding at Notley Abbey

Emma & Chris' wedding at Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire. Once the favoured home of Laurence Olivier, this is a beautiful house and gardens full of history, now maintained and managed exclusively for weddings by Bijou. An outdoor wedding is always a very special thing and that's exactly what took place on this day back in July. There is so much scope in a venue that allows you to get ready, have the ceremony, drinks reception, dinner and party all on the same site and with such varied backdrops: gardens, house, ornamental drive, barn - it was all here for Emma & Chris to put their own stamp on.

You'll see their personal touches in the wedding cake, with a model of their much loved VW Camper / Transporter, through to the table decorations and seating plan featuring all of the festivals they have attended together. There were even glowsticks during the party. And Emma was responsible for a particularly impressive bouquet throw!

The added bonus of a single venue for your whole wedding, means no driving and more time for socialising and champagne! Although at Notley, you do have the option for a particularly special drive in the house Bentley. View on to see more of that.

I've mentioned previously that festivals popped up a few times as a theme at weddings this year, and Emma & Chris managed another creative way of naming tables after various festivals they had been to together. I thought I'd been to a fair few but nothing compared to these guys!

With their love of live music it was only fitting that they had a band to rock the evening for them. One of the great things about Notley - particularly on fine summer evenings - is the fact the barn where the evening reception takes place opens straight out onto the courtyard for a bit of chilling in the outside air.

This was another evening where I would happily have stayed longer to enjoy the music - and witness the immense moves being thrown on the dancefloor, led by Emma and Chris - but after my fourth wedding in a week and a 2 hour drive ahead, I left them to party.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit the gallery or take a look on facebook. Comments are welcomed at the bottom of this post and always appreciated by the bride, groom and future couples.