Camilla & Robert's country wedding in Hampshire

This close and intimate wedding was held in the lovely village of Martin in Hampshire. Camilla's family have a long connection with the village and it felt like everyone was out to help celebrate the wedding. It was particularly flattering and an honour for me to be chosen to document this wedding as Camilla works in the industry running The Vintage Wedding List.

My day started in the grounds of the family home before heading to the neighbouring church for the ceremony. It was a short drive over the fields to the church and I managed to avoid getting my car stuck (although with plenty of Land Rovers around, I'm sure I could have got a rescue tow). I even brought a new pair of wellies for the occasion and whilst there was a little rain, I managed to avoid needing them.

Back to the house where a marquee was setup in the grounds for a classic English Tea Party reception. Camilla's company provided the antique and vintage crockery. At the end of the afternoon, Camilla & Robert made their departure on a suitably decorated quad bike. A great way to head off for their honeymoon.

Hampshire Documentary Wedding Photography

* Registrars often forbid photographs during signing of the register and I have heard mixed reasons. It's usually claimed to be on grounds of the Data Protection Act and the photograph being a copy of information in the register. As you can appreciate from the image in this post (and most conceivable images - certainly those that I or someone else offering true documentary would take) there is no way possible to view any information on the book. Another Home Office guideline suggests that photographing the actual signing might be a distraction creating an incorrect entry or ink smudge if the a fountain pen is used and hovers too long over the page. I'm not kidding.