Bridget & John's Wedding at Westminster Boating Base Rocked!

My first brand new post on the revamped website is this completely rocking wedding from November (ahem...2012...) at Westminster Boating Base in London. Bridget & John were more interested in coverage at the end of their wedding day celebrations rather than the getting ready part, and it will become very obvious why. Their wedding was very unique in that the main ceremony was presided over by two friends of theirs, making for an exceptionally personal union. After the ceremony, a boat trip on the Thames before returning to the boating base directly opposite the iconic, immediately recognisable Battersea Power Station.

The wedding band was what made this one of the most individual and exciting weddings I've ever had the pleasure to be part of. The reason for that? The band was a supergroup made up of Bridget & John's closest friends (and John himself on a couple of occasions). After one practice session, they had formed a setlist for the night with numerous guest appearances, singers and musicians taking part. At one point, I counted 22 people on stage for the epic finale of The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond!

During band or DJ performances I often end up inches in front of the speakers and so always have a pair of ear defenders in my camera case. Typically, the one time I forget them is when the band are turned up to 11! It was however absolutely brilliant. I was swept away in the mosh pit a couple of times and the Super Aces gave Bridget & John a night to remember.