Bagpipes & Edelweiss - Part 2 - Swiss Wedding in Zermatt

Following on swiftly (er, let's not check the dates) from Part 1, this post features the second day of Erica & Martin's wedding celebrations is beautiful Zermatt. Today was to be slightly more traditional than our previous hike up the mountain, in that the ceremony was to be held in the English church in Zermatt. First I met with Erica getting ready at Hotel Alex, where we would be returning later for the reception. After the sunshine of the day before, it was a nice change to have the beautiful soft light produced by a cloudier day, and for the main part we avoided any drizzle. With bagpipes playing before the service, a very personal and fun ceremony followed.

After the church service had finished, the wedding party was lead through the streets of Zermatt by our piper. Now it's not unusual for me to get emotional at weddings, but this was the first and only time I've had to stop and take a minute to compose myself. The spectacle of the wedding group walking along to the sound of bagpipes, causing everyone else on the streets to stop, stare, take photographs, smile and congratulate Erica & Martin absolutely floored me. By the time we made our way to the pretty original wood buildings of Zermatt, I was a little overwhelmed. It was a real moment.

Working our way back to Hotel Alex for drinks and food outside, it wasn't long before more music accompanied the wedding thanks to the incredible traditional Swiss horn blowers (excuse me for not knowing the correct name for these). There was even a Switzerland vs. Scotland pipe-off.

What follows was a combination of exceptional food, great speeches and happy people in wonderfully cosy surroundings. The staff at Hotel Alex were incredible, and as they knew Erica & Martin and a lot of the guests already, it felt like a real family event.

By the time I'd finished photographing dancing and singalongs in the fantastic surroundings of the bar (500 Miles by the Proclaimers of course), I was ready for the whisky that Jim offered me. Whilst I stopped at just a wee one, I know the rest of the party carried on with much more. The penultimate shot in this set was a specific request from Erica & Martin, as it's the armchair in the exact spot where Martin had proposed.

I love my work, I get to spend time with some wonderful people and am hugely honoured to document weddings as such a key event in couples lives. To do this in one of my favourite environments in the world was an added bonus. After a good sleep, the next day I began the journey home with a smile on my face and lots of good memories from this unique few days.

If you were a guest at the wedding and would like to see the full set of images, please visit the gallery or take a look on facebook. Comments are welcomed at the bottom of this post and always appreciated by the bride, groom and future couples.