Ali & Geoff's Wedding at Lains Barn in Oxfordshire

Lains_Barn_Wedding_54 There were so many outstanding moments during Ali & Geoff's wedding at Lains Barn, that writing about all of them would take me an age (it's taken me a year as it is to get to this point...). The people (as always) are the main element of the wedding, but in particular Ali & Geoff's deep affection and love for each other, coupled with a warmth to everyone around them made an incredibly special atmosphere.

Beyond that, there was the venue: the fantastic Lains Barn in Oxfordshire - which I am lucky to have worked at previously and be recommended by. It is an extremely well managed venue comprised of a barn and other buildings set around a square lawn which is perfect for weddings. Even if the weather is not completely conducive to being outside (as was the case on this typically showery April day - I LOVE the umbrellas), there is plenty of space and environment for people to enjoy and mingle.

There are other things of note as well. Ali's dress (stunning) and Barton House where she was getting ready in the morning; the brass band playing at the Holy Trinity church in Ardington (the Muppet's theme was incredible!), and the flowers. Oh man the flowers... Ali is an extremely talented florist, as are many of her friends who were responsible for the mind-blowing array of flowers, plants, and decorations that adorned everywhere from the church path, doorway, to every conceivable area at Lains Barn. Just beautiful.

We had the best use of a Fokke-Wulf model aircraft (and accompanying t-shirt) during a Best Man's speech, the most delicious dessert I have ever been served at a wedding, and last but my no means at all least: the band. Now the band were great by any measure, but what made them especially brilliant for everyone to watch was the fact that our groom Geoff was one of the drummers in the band, and played the first set of the night. Geoff was awesome. As was Ali. As was the whole day.

I was accompanied by another of our wonderful associates on this one - Isabel Maria. This was one of many weddings that Isabel covered with me last year as she developed her portfolio. Isabel has a great natural talent and is fantastic to work with. She's a real asset to our team.