A Day In Our Lives - The Elliotts - Lifestyle Documentary Photography

I first met Nicole and Greg when their son Anselm was a couple of months old and they commissioned me to take some photographs of him. Since then I have met them at weddings (thanks for the recommendations) and also this day back in Summer when they wanted some more portraits of the family. A Day In Our Lives session is a little different from typical family photography. It requires a little planning and coordination but is essentially a documentary of family life. I love how such day-to-day activities as washing up and playing, can produce striking images and very personal portraits.

After the washing up - which is a game in itself - there was a quick play in the garden with Anselm demonstrating his rugby skills, before a trip to the beach. It was blowing a gale when we got there so not much time spent before heading home for more playtime.

A great way to spend a Sunday morning and a set of images to capture some special family time.