A Day In Our Lives - Family Documentary Photography

People often comment to me that as a family photographer, I must have thousands of images of my own little clan. Well, whilst I have the ability to make high quality photos of them, I don't always have the opportunity. It's not just the time to capture the photos, but the post-processing, editing and then deciding what to do with them (it's too easy to leave or forget about photos sat on hard drives so I always like to print and frame my favourites). One of the reasons I don't always take a camera on family events is the practicality of lugging my main digital SLRs around with me. The camera bodies and fast prime lenses I use are capable of producing exceptionally high quality files (in the right hands of course) but are heavy and bulky. In fact for personal work, I love to use film cameras but that's a whole other blog post which I'll save for another time.

At the tail end of Summer and after a fair few dropped hints, I took one of my work cameras on a walk over Hengistbury Head with Eve, Willoughby and the dogs. I kept it simple: one camera body and one fixed lens. 35mm is my favourite focal length and offers a really pleasing perspective that I love. It's quite wide so that you need to get nice and close for portraits, but not too wide that it distorts.

The practicalities of walking a toddler and two dogs meant that this wasn't a typical portrait shoot as I might have with a client, but it was enough to get a set of family images I am very pleased with and - importantly - make my client (wife) happy.

Lovely light, a nice walk and some great photos we are both very happy with. I'm pleased that I gave into Eve's nagging suggestion. And the frame really does look good on my wall.