Sarah & Andrew - Larmer Tree Wedding

Last year, and a wedding which could not be more ‘English Summer’ if it tried. Sarah and Andrew wanted a rustic, country wedding, and the Larmer Tree in Wiltshire was their perfect choice. The Larmer Tree is one of my most favourite venues to photograph at. Lush surroundings, interesting and unique buildings, and all incredibly smooth running thanks to the brilliant team.

It wasn’t a full day for me to cover, with my brief being to photograph the ceremony and picnic reception. Sarah had jokingly referred to their extended family as being like the Von Trapps, and whilst there wasn't any yodelling, their children were incredibly fun and made to be a key part of the ceremony. The symbolism of all of the guests 'blessing the rings' followed by the children's involvement in the 'sand pouring' was a beautiful way to show the integration of their families and make them all part of the event.

The ceremony and picnic were soundtracked by the exceptional Graham Budd on the saxophone. Graham is a very talented professional, blends in perfectly, and a really genuinely nice guy to top everything off. 

The gardens provide so many beautiful settings to explore and capture. Fun for the kids on the space hoppers, and great to photograph in!

The Singing Theatre provided a stunning backdrop for a few couple and group photos. There have been some incredibly famous names performing on that stage as part of the Larmer Tree festival, and you might spot some of the signatures that are on the back of the stage wall. It always feels very special to photograph couples with that backdrop.

An intimate, personal, fun, and unique wedding, that I was honoured to be part of.