Rachel & Adam - Zermatt Engagement Photography

Blogging. Ah...... that forgotten (or neglected) part of being a modern day photographer that even in my quieter months, I still can't catch up with. I'm resigned to the fact I never will. I can deal with it. The fact is, I still have incredible weddings from 3 years ago which have not - and probably will never - make it on to the website, let alone all those I shot since then. It always feels like a shame, but with only certain amount of hours in the day, I guess that's the way it is going to be.

I love blogging, and love writing, which is possibly why I don't do it as much as I should, as no matter how many times I tell myself "JUST POST THE IMAGES!", they always end up accompanied by varying levels of narrative. That could be good or bad - you can decide. As a "documentary photographer" (with intentional speech quotes there to make the point), I should be able to just post images, but as most who've ever met me will testify, I can talk...

I'm on top of my editing so far this year. My wedding season started in March, and is pretty solid now for the next 9 months. I had a few engagement shoots before the weddings (which I hope to share as they're ace), but I'm going to start with the weekend of the first wedding I did a) because I've just finished processing it; b) because it's fresh in mind; c) because it's absolutely epic!

The wedding plans saw me headed once more for Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, near the border of Italy. I photographed a wedding here a few years ago in late Summer, and since then regularly have enquiries for either engagement photography or weddings there. Rachel & Adam met in Zermatt, and therefore t was an easy choice for the location of their destination wedding.

Before we get to that though, here is a few from the engagement shoot, also planned to have in Zermatt when I arrived the day before the wedding itself. After all that pre-amble, I am going to attempt to let the pictures do a bit more of the talking, because I think they can. I adore the mountains, adore winter weddings, and this hopefully combines all of that with an amazing couple, their gorgeous daughter, and beautiful friends and family.

Here we go!

Just to add a bit more to this, on day 1 (the Engagement Shoot day) they hosted some welcome drinks at the landmark Zermatterhoff Hotel. Here's a few from there to give you a flavour.

Watch out for the full wedding in part 2, coming up very soon!