Holly & Jack: Bury Court Barn Wedding Photography

In the depths of winter, during short, dark, wet and stormy days (with a nod to El Nîno for the last part), it's great to give ourselves a reminder of what summer, sunshine, and sunny days are like. For this reason, I like to save all my summer weddings up to blog during this time. It's absolutely nothing to do with the fact I am always too busy in Summer / Autumn / Winter. No sirree. Not that at all...

December was so busy this year that I'm still catching up with the editing from that month. So don't expect an end of year review any time soon. It's an annual tradition though which goes alongside my portfolio review, so will be done before the crazy season starts up again (not that long now). There's going to be a lot of images here, so buckle up.


Anyway, back to point of this blog post which was a summer wedding. A summer wedding at one of my most visited and well loved venues: Bury Court Barn. Or to give it's full official title: The Barn at Bury Court. The team here always get it right. The venue has the right balance of indoor space which still amazes everyone when the main curtain to the barn goes back. Outside is fantastic as well with gorgeous gardens and surroundings. This was the first time I finally got to discover more of the 'secret' locations around the barn which lead down through the field.

Holly and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the converted Oast House which is a distinctive part of Bury Court, and a beautiful place to get ready.

Beautiful styling and flowers throughout the day. To be fair, they were all a pretty gorgeous bunch!

I'll make a prediction here that the shot below of the bridal party walking across to the barn is going to absolutely be in my review of the year (along with a few others most likely). I just love the colours, the spacing, the poses. The first two bridesmaids looking back, Holly's thumbs up. Utterly natural and a real example of documentary wedding photography.

There were tears in the ceremony. Jack's celebration says it all!

Walking out like the absolute bosses they are, followed by a couple of grabbed portraits in the garden before everyone else piled out.

Here's a first for me at a wedding: MARIACHI BAND! This was a total surprise to Holly as well. They were ace, as was the magician who blew everyone's minds around the garden.

Unusually for me, I've included a couple of the group shots in this post. a) because they're gorgeous; b) because I often get asked how group shots can look when they're not too stuffy or staged. Kind of like this.

Some more of the yummy details for you to enjoy. Table names were superclubs around the world. Super appropriate as they were holidaying in Ibiza.

On to the proper portrait session. We actually went out twice (once before and once during dinner) as the light went up a few levels on the beautiful scale.

Top notch speeches all round. Lots of tears, lots of laughter, and plenty of sloe gin. I gave up hiding behind the camera trying to suppress my laughs as it wasn't working. There were also a couple of "Did he really say that?!" moments!

Following dinner there was plenty of time for more socialising and mingling in the gardens on this balmy summer evening, before heading back in for the cake cutting (more laughter!) and dancing. Inspired and very individual choice of music for the first dance (if you're interested: Disclosure - Let Me Lose My Mind). I left a few tracks in to the party with the safe knowledge it was going to get wild.

Here endeth, the first - fairly epic - blog post of 2016.