New USB flash drives for Wedding Photography

Since the new branding earlier this year, I've been updating various bits of stationery and my products with the new logo and style. One of the most popular products is the USB flash drive which is included with every single wedding booking.

Now I always talk quite vocally about the importance of printed images and physical products like albums, but the digital files are just as expected nowadays. DVDs (and Blu-Rays) are done and dusted as far as I'm concerned and I really dislike the idea of simply downloading all your precious images, so the USB is an important thing.

In keeping with my environmentally aware approach, the news USB sticks are made from sustainable, natural wood resources. Being a flash drive, they are also reusable of course. I hope though that people will keep them as a nice way to access your photos. And when it comes to prints and albums, well you know where I am for those :)

Loads more blog posts to follow soon. Can't wait to share some more weddings with you.