Louise & Harry's Rustic Wedding

"Your bacon roll is just ready. Would you like any sauce?"

....is just about the best thing you can hear after a couple of hours on the road. This was the first question I was asked when arriving at Louise's family home ahead of their wedding in Haddenham. Hooray!

I knew from their engagement session a couple of months earlier that today was going to be a great day, and the opening bacon roll (and coffee) only made that impression stronger!

Aside from the refreshments, the time spent with Louise, her bridesmaids and family was absolutely enjoyable. Louise has to be one of the most excited, happiest, enthusiastic people I've ever met. Her reaction to her (beautiful) flowers being delivered was spectacular!

I'd been told that there was going to be Morris Dancing, and that Harry - as squire for his local Morris group - would be involved at some point, but the amount he was involved and from a relatively early stage (straight after the ceremony) was still a surprise. It's difficult to imagine a more perfect English country scene than that which was outside the church. Smiles all around.

Rustic weddings don't get much more authentic than this, with the reception being held on the farm where Harry himself works. So much of the day had been directly setup by Louise, Harry and their friends and family. Harry had an emergency callout to the marquee in the morning to lash it down in the pounding gales and rain that had appeared. Wish I'd seen that!

Despite the threatening clouds, we were lucky to escape the rain for the most part. Makes for a dramatic sky anyway!

I recognise these photos! Love seeing images printed. Louise did a great job of designing the photobook from their engagement session.

What a location. Absolutely stunning scenery. And that sky...

Harry has several awesome Land Rovers in various states of build / repair. Here's one of them.

Another Landy. More Morris Dancing from the main man. Louise got roped in this time as well.

A decent throw of the bouquet from Louise, and a lot of dancing. Ceilidh time!

Music was provided by the absolutely flipping-fantastic Blackbeard's Tea Party who I cannot recommend enough! Brilliant musicians who really know how to get a party going.

The kind of light that you just have to go out and make the most of. So we did.

Golden hour sunshine: check.
Moon in shot: check.
Awesome couple to make the most of it: checkity check.

Fantastic day. Louise and Harry completely made it their own and had an incredible wedding to remember. I whole lotta loved it.


I must give a shout here to not one but two colleagues / partners-in-crime who I got to spend some of the day with. Firstly, the talented Michael Foyle who was working alongside me to develop his portfolio and experience. Mike is a brilliant photographer with a great eye who is shooting excellent work already. This shot of a mind-bogglingly dramatic sky as the storm front rolled over was one in particular that stood out for me.

And then to my old friend and colleague Ian Martindale who was running a PhotoBooth for Louise and Harry in the evening. I won't share any of the images from the booth itself here, but here's a lovely shot of Ian to finish with. He'll be so pleased. :)