Jason & Daphne: New Forest Engagement Photography

After John '00' Fleming - the subject of this profile blog post I made back in April - shared the post on his Facebook page, one of his long term fans commented that he would love me to shoot his wedding. That fan was Jason, who along with his fiance Daphne are two huge John 00 Fleming fans, and lovers of trance music in general. We immediately had that in common!

I told Jason that I photographed weddings as well, so after a few emails and a chat on the phone it was on!

We arranged a time to meet for an engagement photography session in the New Forest, with Jason and Daphne driving down from London to make a day of it. Why not. The forest is awesome.

So we hung out for a while around one of my favourite areas which I know very well now - Blackwater and the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive. We chatted music, clubbing, parties, more music, their wedding, and their story together. They're uber chilled as a couple, both very creative and we had a fun time. Shoots like this should be enjoyable and with some goofing around (from all of us!) I think that's exactly what it was.

Their London ICA Wedding photography to follow soon. Watch this space!