2014 - A Milestone Year - Documentary Wedding Photographer

End of year / start of year reviews are everywhere in December and January, so I've (purposefully...) 'saved' mine until nearly the end of January. Yeah... So another busy year has flown by for this documentary wedding photographer, and with it passed several significant milestones - both professionally and personally. Let's start with a professional one from April which was passing the 100 wedding mark. Thinking back over those first hundred weddings, I have travelled a great deal around the UK and further abroad, meeting amazing couples at every type of venue.  Even when working at the same venue many times, each wedding has been completely different and unique. I've worked in just about every imaginable type of weather; from scorching hot to driving rain and snow. 100 was a great milestone to tick off and I'm looking forward to hundreds more!

In compiling my review, I went through around 12000 images to get down to the selection of around 100 which you see here. It's always a tough job to pick a definitive selection from a large number images and this was my trickiest yet as there were so many great candidates to choose from. After enlisting a peer review from my brilliant photographer colleagues (and being blown away by reviewing their own images from the year) here it is.

I nearly forgot: the personal milestones. As a family we moved home, and as someone who works from home that means I moved office as well. MASSIVE UPHEAVAL. Even though we only moved the epic distance of 1 mile. I hate moving house, which is why I plan to never again. At least, not for a good few years. Also, my eldest son started school which brings a whole new world of routine. All brilliant.

I hope you enjoy the images. Have a great year everyone, and especially to all the couples who are getting married this year.

Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_001 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_002 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_003 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_004 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_005 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_006 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_007 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_008 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_009 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_010 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_011 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_012 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_013 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_014 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_015 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_016 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_017 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_018 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_019 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_020 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_021 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_022 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_023 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_024 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_025 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_026 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_027 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_028 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_029 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_030 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_031 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_032 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_033 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_034 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_035 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_036 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_037 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_038 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_039 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_040 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_041 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_042 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_043 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_044 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_045 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_046 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_047 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_048 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_049 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_050 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_051 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_052 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_053 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_054 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_055 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_056 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_057 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_058 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_059 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_060 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_061 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_062 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_063 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_064 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_065 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_066 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_067 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_068 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_069 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_070 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_071 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_072 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_073 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_074 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_075 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_076 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_077 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_078 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_079 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_080 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_081 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_082 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_083 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_084 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_085 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_086 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_087 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_088 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_089 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_090 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_091 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_092 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_093 Andy-Rapkins-Portfolio_094

For photographers

Firstly, if you've read this far: well done! Secondly, thanks, and thirdly, a little info for the geeky photographers amongst you. As mentioned a few times previously on my blog / twitter / facebook, 2014 was the year I ditched the mirrors, going from heavy, old-school DSLRs (which are still incredible), to the compact, lightweight, new breed of mirrorless camera style which will become the standard over the next few years - no doubt in my mind. There's still a place for DSLRs - absolutely - but for the majority of camera users whether commercial or individual, I firmly believe that mirrorless will become the dominant market share. It's progressing that way already. Whenever I'm asked by clients or friends about which kind of camera to get, I always steer them this way now.

So of these 94 images, 92 were made with mirrorless cameras. In fact here's the total breakdown

Canon 5D Mk 3 - 2 Olympus E-P5 - 5 Ricoh GR - 1 Olympus E-M1 - 86

So as you can see, the E-M1 is now my workhorse camera, and having used it for the full year in just about every scenario, I'm absolutely confident in it's ability to deliver the goods. It's a brilliant piece of kit. I just wish WISH WISH Olympus would listen to their thousands of users, and open up the video capabilities just a tiny bit more. It's lagging so far behind competitors in this regard when it could have been a leader with a simple software update. The stabilisation of the camera is incredible - it's like having a steadicam - but unfortunately it is crippled by a complete lack of options for video recording. It honestly could have been a market leader and cash cow for Olympus (it's cheaper to update an existing model to boost sales than develop a new one), but for whatever reason they decided not to. A shame as the ship has sailed really, and with 4K being the norm on competitors models, it's now way behind.

That's my semi-regular-video-related-EM1 rant over with for now. I will end by singing it's praises as a stills camera which still amazes me and I expect to continue using for some time yet.