2013 - A Year of Weddings in 100 pictures

OK that was tough. Following my busiest year to date and covering 44 weddings in that 12 months, I knew it would be difficult to choose images for an end of year review. I didn't know it would be that hard. Still, it's done and over the past week or so I've gradually selected 100 from the 10000 images I've taken which have been delivered to clients. 10000 isn't even the full picture (excuse pun) as I didn't include images from my excellent second shooters, or the few I've second shot with Allister. Plus, I've still got four weddings to process from 2013 that weren't ready to include. Will save those for the regular blog updates.

The decision process was purely based around what were my favourites. Pictures which stick in my mind most as memorable, funny, romantic, or simply having a nice look about them. There's a couple of images here (one in particular) which have no reference of being wedding related. But that's where they were taken and they're included because of that.

There's something here from every wedding, representing the wide range of locations, venues, seasons, people I've been lucky enough to meet, and of course all of the couples who chose this year to marry, and for me to record that for them. I'm ever humbled and ever grateful to be part of wedding days, and hope that the moments I've been witness to and images made are enjoyed for many years to come. Congratulations to you all.

Finally, it's actually 101 in the gallery (not that anyone will be counting). I chose 100 images then remembered a self-portrait I took of myself and the lovely Mrs Rapkins at a wedding where we were both guests as well as my being there in an official capacity. It's rare I have any photos of myself and the most recent one of the two of us so I've included it as well. It's easy to spot! :)

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2014. Happy New Year.