2012 - Review of an Eventful Year

So, that was 2012. The first complete year as an associate with Allister - finished. 41 very fine and completely individual weddings photographed. From lavish productions at 5 star city venues, to intimate weddings in village halls; indoors, outdoors, up mountains, down rivers; on golf courses, in country houses, rural pubs, a library, and many variations in between. Each different from the one before and the one after. Looking back through 9000 images for this end of year post, I see subtle developments in my style and compositions. More refinement than change (at least I'd like to think so). I have used slightly different workflow and processing at times when the wedding or lighting required it, but again that has stayed pretty constant (particularly with black & white). The biggest difference I notice is for my evening work where I have moved from primarily bounced flash to more off-camera lighting and direct flash as well. Again, as needed.

2012 was the year my second son was born. The new family member arriving at the start of the busiest 6 months of my professional life meant that I was on a cycle of photographing and editing, with little time for anything else. Hence the blog has had less attention than I resolved to give it at this time last year. I hope to catch up a bit with featuring some more weddings of 2012 over the next couple of (slightly) quieter months.

So, many of these images therefore are being featured for the first time in this post. A lot to choose from and many more I'd like to have included before getting down to this selction.

Thank you to every bride, every groom and everyone else who has made 2012 so successful, and to all those I will meet and work with over the next 12 months. I wish you all a very happy new year. All the best for 2013.

Technical bit

This was the year I added the Fuji X-Pro1 to my wedding kit bag. It is an excellent camera which works very well with the unobtrusive documentary approach. I initially shot a lot of JPEG with it (which was interesting in itself) before the processing software caught up with the technology and was able to process the RAW files perfectly alongside the SLRs I normally use.

Another huge change regarding equipment was my switch from using Nikon to Canon in September. The D700s I used previously were - and still are - superb cameras which served me well. I had been up against their technical limits in terms of low-light handling and autofocus on several occasions and was due an upgrade so looked at the newer models from both Nikon and Canon. After trying the Canon 5DMk3 and costing up the move, my decision was made. I'll cover it more in a separate post but it's safe to say the 5DMk3 has reignited my work and workflow. They have been faultless in the tens of thousands of frames I've shot already. Autofocus is superb and the low-light performance just incredible. Coupled with that, the Canon L lenses I bought (35 and 85 1.2) are the finest glass I've ever used.