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Hello, greetings, welcome. Thanks for finding your way to my website; I appreciate it. You're very welcome here, so please take as much time as you need to have a look around. If you're ready to book, then I can't wait to hear from you.

There's more about me elsewhere on the site so in a nutshell: I am a photographer, and more so a storyteller. I have a style driven by documentary photography or photojournalism - both visual ways of telling stories. My role is to record events naturally and without influencing things.

Weddings and families are where it's at for me. I photograph people and emotions, love and humour. I feel really lucky to do this. The viewpoint from which I am able to work is an amazing place.

Please have a look at my highlight showreel from last year

More images can be seen in my wedding portfolio which is updated regularly and always features recent examples of my work.

natural style

I'm not a pushy kind of photographer who is going to be bossing you or your guests around. That's just not my style at all, and if you're reading this; it's probably not yours.

The approach I take is subtle. I work using small unobtrusive cameras so I blend in. Some of the best feedback I get is when couples tell me their guests didn't even know I was there.

My style is rooted in the storytelling aspect of photojournalism, but that doesn't mean we can't take a bit of time to for a short couples portrait session. A huge amount of effort goes into planning your day, and to make you look and feel a million dollars. I think it's important to record that, whilst staying true to an easy-going approach to telling your story.

It is your wedding, your day, and my role is to document it as it happens. You can forget I am there and enjoy your wedding to the full.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you want for your wedding, then I'm your man.


I photograph weddings across the UK and sometimes further beyond. Working as a destination wedding photographer is an amazing thing yet brings a whole host of other challenges for a professional, so you need to know that your photographer is up to it. If my style and approach appeals to you, wherever in the world your wedding might be, let's talk and see where the adventure goes.

Family Photography

If you are looking for family portrait photography or newborn photography, I can produce images that are intimate views of family life. A 'Day in the Life' style shoot is a unique opportunity to record special times of your family life.

Alongside weddings and family photography, I regularly write about equipment and techniques, and the use of new technologies such as mirrorless cameras in a professional context.

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